Netier National Capital Rally Stage Run Down

Now that the dust has settled in WA and with just over 30 days to go, crews will now be preparing for the tough challenge that the Netier National Capital Rally has to offer. Known for being a different rally on each day due to the different road surfaces, 2018 will be no different.

Saturday starts with the short 6.5km Colverwells stage which is unchanged from 2017 and will provide a good test to get everyone warmed up. Crews will then move on to the popular 26.17km Hibernian stage. Although it drops the Reverse tag, it runs in the same direction as last year but has been extended in parts to bring back roads used in previous years. The morning loop finishes with the 26.94km Wamboin River stage which has been extended ever so slightly and is this year’s longest stage of the rally. Crews then go to service before two runs of the Homestead spectator stage followed by a repeat of the morning loop before returning to the overnight halt at Pialligo Estate.

On Sunday crews move to the western forests of Canberra with three repeat stages. It all starts with the 24.74km Sherwood stage which is a modified East West stage from 2017 and introducing a new spectator point on Blue Range Road. Crews then move on to the Laurel Camp (16.43km) and Tidbinbilla Stages (18.29km) which uses roads from the long Cottage 5-Ways stage from 2017. Utilising new roads as well as some of the old roads in the usual and reverse directions, these stages will provide the biggest challenge to competitors.

After completing 241km of competitive stages over the weekend crews then return to Pialligo Estate for the podium finish and presentation.

Although the Saturday stages are similar to last year there are enough changes – especially to Hibernian – to make it different and interesting and with the logging that has been going on the forest will look completely different.  The changes to the Sunday stages will provide a real challenge to competitors as the use new roads and others in a different direction and with the way the weather is in Tidbinbilla t’s possible for one stage to be dry and the other to be soaking with rain as well.” – Michael Wallace, Event Manager 



SS1/SS6 Colverwells 6.50km

SS2/SS7 Hibernian 26.17km

SS3/SS8 Wamboin River 26.84km

SS4/SS5 Homestead 1.69km

Saturday total – 122.40km


SS9/SS12 Sherwood 24.74km

SS10/SS13 Laurel Camp 16.43km

SS11/SS14 Tidbinbilla 18.29km

Sunday total – 118.92k