Saturday 21st March

Kowen Rally Village

This is the place to be on Saturday 21st March. Get up close to the cars at the official rally start or grab an autograph from your favourite driver, before grabbing a beer and something to eat and watching the cars in negotiate jumps tunnels and tight corners in a natural amphitheatre.

Sunday 22nd March

Blue Range

See the cars approach a fast downhill section before braking hard and turning right onto a wide road. You will see plenty of sideways action at this spot

Sunday 22nd March

Cottage 5 Ways
Situated at the start of the stage watch the cars negotiate a series of fast left hand bends before disappearing into the forest. This spot is great to see the cars tackle multiple corners at top speed.

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The National Capital Rally has been promoted by the Brindabella Motor Sports Club and been running continuously since 1995. The rally first started as a club level event until it was granted NSW state championship status. In 2013 a dedicated group applied for the event to become a round of the Australian Rally Championship. Since then the event has evolved into the biggest Motorsport event in Canberra attracting competitors from all around Australia. 




Coffee, Food and Wine


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